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If you fail to plan....you are planning to fail!

IFO Group provides a comprehensive range of crisis and business continuity consultancy services, including corporate crisis management, hurricane plans, and other contingency planning. We have an experienced team of experts to assist clients in developing plans and procedures, providing customized training, and maintenance of existing business continuity plans.  
Don't let a foreseeable natural disaster or man made crisis put you out of business!!

Do you have the right plans in place today and ready to respond?

If your answer to that question is "no" we can help!  IFO Group consultants can quickly and efficiently help you revise or update an existing Business Continuity Plan or provide you with an assessment for a new project.   Just click on the "Request a Consultation" button on the right side of this page, call us, or send us an email and we'll be happy to provide you with a free consultation to discuss your needs! 

Business Continuity Planning
  • Development of detailed corporate employee and vendor / contractor contact lists.
  • Temporary employee relocation strategies.
  • Identification of primary and secondary backup facilities.
  • Supplier and subcontractor dependencies by function and department.
  • Contingency planning for emergency power generation, housing, fuel, food, and other life support essentials. 
  • Personnel Accountability Plans
  • Hurricane, Flood, and Tornado Plans
  • Earthquake Plans
  • Pandemic Plans
  • Civil Disorder, Terrorism, and other Force Majeure incidents.
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Put our Expertise to Work for You!

Our experts stand ready to assist clients in developing plans and procedures, customized training, drills and exercises and even assisting in actual responses.

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